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Sometimes works of art will fetch enormously high prices and such works cannot be appraised like any other product because they are unique. The value of a work of art can vary according to the following:

  1. the fame and reputation of the artist
  2. when the work of art was produced
  3. its location and the circumstances of its sale
  4. its history
  5. market conditions
  6. its intrinsic quality

In some cases one can add the historical background of the artwork.
An example of artwork, which has belonged to a famous person, or has been in the centre of an important event…

The quotation reflects a medium value in a specific format for an artist; however some artworks could have a different value according to a particular feature.

The format can be expressed either by the length and the width, or in three dimensions and sometimes in weight for the sculpture.

All the artists present on the site can have an expertise of their artworks.

A certificate of authenticity will be delivered to you with each artwork.

The question of the financial value of an artwork in the time space is often asked for a specific artist.

Numerous parameters, always uncertain, impossible to plan or to imagine mean that no expert, critique or other serious specialist will take the risk to make a projection in order to get “a risky monetary speculation”
Some artists on this website had their quotation progressing in a significant way a few years ago and we wish them to carry on in this direction.
We think this increase translates first at all the quality of their work.
By buying artwork of artists you like and if their artwork seduces you, you get all chances with you.
You can share out your options by purchasing artworks of several artists…

Be aware that if you buy quality’s artwork, you diversify your patrimony; you can benefit taxes advantages in some countries, and also a protective discretion.

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