Cambridge-Art introduces to you a selection of the best artists to this date.

If you are a group of experimental collectors, investors, professionals, or occasional art lovers, you will discover artists of international fame cohabiting with emerging artists that will make the art of tomorrow.
More than fifty thousand professional artists practise their talent in Europe and to differentiate fifty, you can easily imagine that the choices were difficult.
Figurative, abstracts or conceptual, we wish that all currents could be represented.
We want to thank the experts, the art critic, lawyers and translators who have allowed the selection and co-optation of these artists, and who have participated to set up this website.
Many thanks also to artists who have provided documents, files and all necessary information.
If you require some more information about an artist, if you have some difficulties to purchase an artwork, you would like to give your opinion, this is simple and easy, just send us a message.
We wish that you will be more than happy to discover these artists as much we were to reveal them to you.