About Us


Discovering lively creation, in all its diversity, this is the aim of Cambridge-art.

Going through the following pages, you will discover numerous exhibitions or shows. You demonstrate your preferences; even your favourites for the work of some artists that you wish to purchase their artworks. This is completely the signification of this platform....

All present creators on the website have been the subject of a cooptation and are professional and recognised artists. The art remains universal and disregards limits, so, we have tried to present you artists from very different style or background or with singular approaches. The quality demand must be added to the diversity demand. 

The commission in charge of the selection, had a mission to conciliate “tradition & openness”, so we have opened the door to artists carrier of artistic trend less known or original but surely genuine. They can be abstract or figurative as long as they offer an artwork of quality, these artists have proven by their talent that their part here is absolutely justified. This visibility will delight as much amateurs (those who love...) as warned collectors. 

Prices asked result either from experts’ quotation’s price or the average of five sales by auctions that have taken place less than 2 years ago, in this case you are sure to pay the fair price.

Today, whereas the world goes through a difficult economic period and contemporary art is subjected to some torments, we take care to protect the collectors’ interests on the same level as the artists.

We make sure that the clearness of this website will be the best as possible and its navigation user-friendly, obviously if some improvements can be made, your suggestions are all welcome...

In the meantime, if you do require further information, for example, about an artist, you can send us an email.

 Many thanks to those who have participated to the life of the platform (computer specialist, editors, critiques, translators and experts) without them nothing can happen and allow us to get access to quality’s artworks that help us a lot.

 If Cambridge-art establishes itself as an informative and purchase's site on the international market of contemporary art and has a significant place from now, it is all about you and many thanks for that.

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